Monday, January 2, 2012

For the Boys {Wedding Catering}

While my husband and I were in the midst of planning our wedding, we had some issues seeing eye-to-eye on what was acceptable food to be served at our reception.  He wanted to make sure his guy friends we're going to enjoy their options and wouldn't be stuck munching on dainty finger sammies.  One of his grand ideas was treating our guests to a hot dog eating contest.  I kid you not...I can't make this stuff up.  I literally had to pick my mom's jaw up off the ground when she first heard of his plan.  So, after nicely refusing to serve up Oscar Mayer weiners, we compromised on serving late night McDonald's double cheeseburgers...we had the catering staff pass them out and people went crazy!  They still talk about it.   So, in honor of all the grooms-to-be who are set on hot dog eating contests or lord knows what else, we've rounded up some of our favorite food items that the men on your guest list might enjoy.  Let's face it, if you treat the boys to some hearty food and good booze, everyone's bound to have a good time. 

Spaghetti and meatballs hors d'oeuvre.  I'll take two!

Image via Peter Callahan

I would never have thought to serve meatloaf at a wedding but these meatloaf cupcakes with a mashed potato 'frosting' and a bite sized, bacon wrapped loaf sound pretty amazing.

Images via Luxe Finds

Bite sized bacon cup baked beans.  Get out of town. 

Image via Peter Callahan

Fried pickles and mini tacos with tequila shooters.

Oyster Shooters - the perfect Charleston treat

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The guys will love these comfort food stations...and who wouldn't.  A potato and BBQ bar?! Heaven.

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 For the bar...

Check out this awesome beer bar complete with fun glassware and the couples favorite draft selections.

Custom beer for your bar, favor or escort cards? Yes, please!

Images via Lovely and Gracious and Style Me Pretty

Was there every a more Southern beverage station than a Bourbon Bar?  I love this one designed by Calder ClarkWhat a fabulous way to involve your guests in creating and tasting their beverage of choice.

 Images via A Bryan Photo



  1. I love that your husband wanted a hot dog eating contest! These are brilliant ideas ~ great post!

  2. Oh my goodness! :) My fiance would seriously flip if he saw these! I believe they are very guy-approved!

  3. The late night burger or any kind of greasy food option is always a hit! These are great ideas!!!

  4. Wow those look really impressive. It's always the attention to detail that seals it for me :)

  5. Loving all of these ideas! My favourite by far are the mini tacos and tequila shots! I showed my husband and his response is that he wants to throw a big party since we've already had our wedding. :) Love your blog!

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  7. I love your blog.. with your stunning photos and amazing food decoration very artistic and stylish.. Totally yummy..