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Food + Drink Stations

Stations are a great way to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere for your guests while incorporating the regional cuisine.  Spreading out the different stations will reduce the clutter of the dreaded buffet line and will give your guests more time to mingle instead of wasting time standing in line.  For seating, don't just stick to seated tables, mix it up with cocktail tables to encourage party-goers to circulate throughout the room.  Using smaller plates will allow guests to move around with ease while promoting smaller portions to ensure they can test out all the Lowcountry cookin'! 

Check out some of our fan-favorites...

Dreamed up by the ladies of Sweetgrass Social, this crowd pleaser includes
an assortment of breads and cheeses, tomato, bacon and even a fried egg! 
Go gourmet by adding options like: Brie with Apples and Camembert with Pears.

Add a little Lowcountry:
Include a local pimento cheese and finish the station with a side of
tomato pie or maybe even some tomato basil soup shooters.

 Images by The Reason

I'm not talking about your regular ol' tacos.  I'm thinking Key West-Style shrimp and fish tacos that will be a perfect compliment to the warm weather.  Let your guests experiment with a smorgasbord of ingredients like: cheeses, tomatoes, lettuce, mango salsa, jalapeno coleslaw and avocados then slather 'em up with a chipotle aioli or cilantro lime dressing. 
Refreshment - Red Wine Sangria

Add a little Lowcountry:
Use fresh fish and shrimp straight from the coast of Carolina.  Give it a Southern kick by including beef brisket as an option.

Images via Fabulous Foods, Simple RecipesMy Inner Fatty


The first time I ran across the biscuit bar, I remember thinking, 'How have I never thought of this before!'  It's genius.  Perfect for a shower or a late morning wedding, your guests will love testing out the variety of jams, butters and honey atop large, fluffy buttermilk biscuits.  But don't stop there, how about throwing in some sausage gravy?!

Add a little Lowcountry:
Include some sweet potato biscuits, sweet potato butter and local jams.

Images via 100 Layer Cake  Designed by Jillian Event Design Photographed by Anna Robin


Keeping with the brunch bout a pancake bar?  Allow guests to top off their flapjacks with seasonal fruits, chocolate chips, whipped cream and an assortment of different syrups. 
Beverage choice - a Mimosa, of course.

Add a little Lowcountry:
Not to sound repetitive but...sweet potato 'cakes.  (Duh!)  Topped with a little cinnamon honey butter, syrup and whipped cream...Who can turn down dessert for brunch? Not this girl

Event Styling by Jen Campbell of Green Wedding Shoes, Lauryl Lane and Esther Kim of My Bride Story
Images by Sarah Yates Photography


Mmm, Crepes!  What's so fun about a crepe station is its versatility. You can go sweet or savory...or both.  Early in the evening, kick off this made-to-order station by giving guests the option of different meats and seafood (our favorites are salmon and chicken), local vegetables, cheeses and a mushroom cream sauce. Later in the reception, flip it over to a dessert bar with new toppings like: fresh fruits, toasted coconut, ice cream whipped cream and chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauce.

Add a little Lowcountry:
Enlist the help of Charleston Crepe Co
With their assistance, your guests will be able to choose from a variety of fresh, local ingredients including their assorted batters such as: buckwheat, whole wheat, fresh herb and chocolate. 
They are also the brains behind the tiered crepe cake!

Images via Lori Larson Photography, Martha Stewart, Stina Booth


"You're killin' me, Smalls!"

Sorry, I hear the word s'mores and immediately think Sandlot and very rarely can I resist a classic movie quote.  Anyway...Surprise your guests with a late night do-it yourself s'mores station.  Give 'em options with some gourmet, flavored 'mallows like Maple Bacon (you heard me right, Maple Bacon!), Caramel Swirl and Vanilla Bean from Plush Puffs.

Add a little Lowcountry:
Take advantage of your venue!  If you've selected
one of the many venues in the Charleston area that offers a great mix of indoor/outdoor space, allow your guests to experience the surroundings...and what better way to do it then by whippin' up some s'mores by the fire!

Images via Alchemy Fine Events, Miss Pickle Press, Big Sur Weddings, So Simply Special


Who can resist a root beer float?!  Served late night, give guests the option of
A&W Root Beer, Coca-Cola or Sunkist Orange Soda. 
Accessorize them with darling drink stirrers or stripped straws for a retro vibe.

Add a little Lowcountry:
Serve them in mason jars!

 Images by Terra Dawn Photography Designed by ATRENDY Wedding

 Images via Love and Lavendar and Once Wed


Doesn't a mojito just sound so refreshing right now?  A mojito bar is a fabulous idea for those hot sweltering summer months.  With additional flavor options like: guava, too blue, mango and strawberry basil you'll be sure to please everyone.  Top it off with an umbrella and your guests will feel like they're on a mini vacay! 

Add a little Lowcountry:
Make Mo-Tea-toes! 
Have your bartender mix up some Firefly Mint Tea (based on Wadmalaw Island),
Soda, a squeeze of lime and some muddled fresh mint.  Heaven!


A bloody mary bar is perfect compliment to a brunch reception.  Make sure to have an array of ingredients: tomato juice, zing zang, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, Guinness (this is my little secret weapon), celery salt, Tabasco sauce...I could go on and on!  But the key to a successful BM Bar is really the garnishes: celery, pickled onions, olives and even salami.

Add a little Lowcountry:
Make it a Lowcountry Bloody Mary with a bacon and/or shrimp garnish!


Was there ever a more Southern beverage station, then a good ol' Bourbon Bar?   I've got to hand it to event designer, Calder Clark, on this one.  I've spent many-a Saturday's tailgating for some SEC football games (Go Dawgs!), so bourbon holds a special little place in my heart.  To pull it off, break out your prized heirloom decanters, your family's favorite bourbons, some rocks glass and enjoy your wedding day reminiscing with your friends and relatives.

(I'm at a lost as how to make this more Lowcountry...
so if anybody has any ideas, I'd love to hear them!)

Images by A Bryan Photo


  1. I've been dreaming FOREVER about having that grilled cheese station at my wedding. But there's so many good ideas here. I might have to test some out... I'm thinking biscuit bar brunch at my place!

  2. I would love to reblog this with the images and full credit to your blog! Would that be ok?

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  4. Thanks for featuring some of my shots!!! And can I just say....those root bear floats were as tasty as they photographed!! :D