Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dusty + Travis {California Wedding}

Oh, hey Friday! I've been waiting for you to get here all week!  With the unseasonably warm winter we've been having, I felt like today would be the perfect day to share a vibrant summer soiree.  Dusty + Travis became man and wife this past June and their photographer, Michelle Johnson, shared a few sweet details...

" Dusty and Travis have the sweetest love. They adore the country and they put the sweetest details into their do it yourself wedding day. From the rustic signs, to the sweet love cake display, this wedding was magical. The bride Dusty entered the private estate on a horse drawn carriage. The vintage dresser at the end of the aisle was filled with family photos and candles. The hand made seating chart was absolutely adorable. This country wedding was just beautiful."



  1. LOVE the bright flowers, and D's dress is gorgeous! What a beautiful day!

  2. I absolutely love their flowers and her dress!!

  3. Such a bright and colourful wedding! Love the wooden signs.