Monday, October 24, 2011

Wedding Shoes

Who doesn't want/need a fabulous pair of shoes for their trip down the aisle? 
Hidden beneath your luxurious gown, everyone will be dying to catch a glimpse of how you've selected to stylishly outfit your tootsies for the day.   Your choice of footwear is your chance to have a little fun with your wedding day attire. Whether they're flats or heels, a matching vibrant hue or seriously bedazzled, there's reason not to liven up your wedding with some showstopping shoes.

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Image via Style Me Pretty
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Which one's your fav?


  1. So fun! I love glitter so those are my favs and of course TOMS!!

  2. love the last ones!

  3. Great round up! I love SO many...the mint green ones are SO adorable, love the Valentino's at the end, and those navy blue striped ones! Never seen those before :)

  4. I am a shoeaholic and I love these suggestions, especially the blue and white striped shoe. Great choices!

  5. So many pretty pairs. I can't chose only one... I love them all!

  6. Great Combination of wedding shoes !!!