Friday, October 21, 2011

Bethany + Jay {Nashville Wedding}

It's time for the weekend!  To all of our Charleston wedding vendors and gorgeous Lowcountry Brides, we wish you all a perfect wedding weekend...and we can't wait to see the pictures!

To wrap up this chilly Fall week, we're sharing a personal favorite of mine.  This Nashville wedding comes to us from the talented Evin Photography and has some truly classic Southern elements.  Bride Bethany stuns in her one-of-a-kind strapless gown while her maids look fab in knee length pewter dresses.  I am absolutely in love with her bouquet, that amazing cake and the adorable ring bearer :) 
Thanks to Bethany for sharing her story...
Tell us a little bit about how you two met...
My husband and I met through his aunt and uncle.  We had both previously been in previous relationships and in the same places at the same time but never met until a few years later.  Both of our relationships had ended and they introduced us, somewhat jokingly, and we both had our first “blind date” – the rest is history.  Our first date was at my favorite restaurant and it’s a running joke amongst my friends that I don’t share my macaroni & cheese.  When I came back from the date and reported that I had shared my mac & cheese, everyone knew this was it!

Tell us about how he proposed... 
After telling me that there was a surprise date planned, we went to dinner at a nice restaurant. I  had been contemplating all week if perhaps this could be it, but decided it was far too obvious (all part of Jay's plan)! Through out dinner, nothing seemed to be amiss so I decided this was definitely not the night and settled for a wonderful dessert. After dinner, Jay took me driving through downtown Franklin and we looked at all of the historic houses. He decided to park and asked that they walk around - in 90 degree muggy humid weather. Thinking that this was not the surprise but that they were wasting time because they were going to go DO something, I was getting more than a little frustrated at all of the walking and sweating they were doing and was wondering why we couldn't waste time doing something else. Eventually, we made their way to a beautiful neighborhood of the Brownstones. The gate to the courtyard was unlocked and there was a gorgeously lit fountain surrounded by benches, oil lamps and landscaping. Jay couldn't wait much longer and dropped to his knee. We were engaged for right at a year.
Out of the entire day, what was the most memorable moment?
There were two moments that really stand out to both my husband and myself when we look back.  We did a first look and were then able to do pictures prior to the ceremony.  After seemingly a million pictures, it was our turn to sit down for a minute while our photographer worked just with the wedding party.  While we sat in a pew, everything seemed to fade around us and we were able to really just relax into each other and take it in.  It was a sweet moment and one I’m thankful to have.  The other is when we were leaving.  We had a vintage Bentley and chauffer and as we drove away, he took the back road to the interstate.  The road was dark, there was no traffic we drove down in what was many places a tree lined road.  It honestly felt like something out of a movie.  We were exhausted, excited and able to breathe for what seemed like the first time all day.  The driver was going slow and it seemed like in those ten minutes or so, time stood still.

How did you choose your venue? What elements drew you to it?
We chose the chapel we were married in because we fell in love with it the first time we saw it and it was also part of the church we are members at.  Our reception venue appealed because it was in an old historic factory and we loved the exposed brick and old window panes hanging at the entrance.

Your wedding was filled with gorgeous details.  Did any have special meaning? What was your favorite?

My grandmother’s wedding ring was attached to my bouquet and my mom made the Mr. & Mrs. Signs that were on our seats.  I loved everything and was really happy with how it all turned out – one of my favorite things was the wedding cake.  I had seen a picture online and fell in love.  I sent it to my fabulous baker and she was able to recreate it perfectly – I love how the ruffles tied in with my dress.  My husband is a huge University of Tennessee fan and his grooms cake was a replica of Neyland Stadium – I think it’s safe to say that was one of his favorites as well!

Tell us a little bit about your menu...
We decided to have delicious food catered by the restaurant of a family friend.  All of the recipes are from “Mamaw”, the original owner, and she helped to oversee that everything turned out beautifully.  We had parmesan crusted chicken, green been bundles, herb roasted potatoes, frozen strawberry salad, fresh rolls.  We also had our special macaroni and cheese brought in!

Looking back on your engagement and wedding, is there any advice you would give to brides in the planning process?
I would give the same advice that was often given to me.  Take a moment for the two of you.  I didn’t realize how very important it was until I look back and am so thankful that we did that.    But it all is such a blur and goes by so quickly; the two moments that I can remember with complete and utter clarity just as if I am looking at a picture are the two moments mentioned above.  I would also say that, yes it is a beautiful day and it is a momentous occasion, but remember that there is life after the wedding as well.  Prepare yourselves and your hearts for your marriage, not just the wedding.  At the end of the day, most people will barely notice the small details.  They really matter to you, which is fine, but in the course of everything, you won’t notice and it won’t matter that the “I Spy” game wasn’t handed out to the children.  What matters is the life that you have started together and memories you have made with your loved ones.

photographer: evin photography  /  floral designer:  beth's bouquets  /  reception venue:  building 8 at the factory  /  cinema and video:  focal point cinematic  / cake designer: the french confection