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Rebecca + James {Edisto Island Wedding}

For starters, I just have to mention that my cousin, Meaghan, was on
The Knotty Bride yesterday...and she looks ah-maz-ing.  (Must run in the family :) ha!)

The Lowcountry Region is full of breathtaking venues.  They tend to be the perfect mix of coastal and elegance...and let's be honest, you just can't beat that.  Charleston is surrounded by quite a few barrier islands that will sweep you off your feet with their natural beauty.  Today's couple, Rebecca + James, selected the beautiful Prospect Hill Plantation on Edisto Island, South Carolina, which is just south of Charleston, to celebrate their wedding.  They enlisted the talented ladies of By Invitation Only to pull off their laidback, pink coastal affair.  The crew at Good Food Catering made sure their guests were treated to a healthy dose of Lowcountry cuisine.  (Crab cakes? Yes, please!)  While photographer Christine LeGrand captured everything a Lowcountry Bride dreams of...gorgeous sunlit, darling details, a perfect backdrop (complete with a palmetto tree or two!), and a sweet, loving couple....

Tell us how you guys met... 

I met James at a Carolina Gamecocks football game.  I had extra tickets and my sister’s husband brought his best friend, James.  That was in 2006.  We kept meeting at Carolina games like once a year, talking and hanging out.  In 2008, I called him up and asked him when he was going to take me on a date.  We went out that weekend and have been together ever since.

Let's hear about the proposal...
                James wanted to propose where it all started, so he wanted to propose at Williams-Brice Stadium.   It was a completely gloomy and rainy Memorial Day weekend and James said he wanted to go for a ride.  We drove down to the stadium and drove around the fairgrounds three times probably waiting for the rain to stop, which it never did.  He ended up parking in front of the stadium and got me out of the car.  He knelt down in a puddle and pulled out the most beautiful,perfect engagement ring and asked me if I would marry him.  Of course I said yes!  It wasn’t exactly how he had planned it but it was the thought that counts!!  We got married one year later on Memorial Day weekend. 

What's your favorite picture from your wedding?

I can't choose a favorite picture because there are so many wonderful, meaningful moments that were captured, but I really like this photo on the hammock.  How much more Southern and laidback can you get that a hammock?!  I just love that it's just me and James and you can see all the details of the wedding - the venue, the colors, flowers, accessories.  I also love how happy we both are!

Out of the entire day, what was the most memorable moment?
That’s a hard one!!!  I would say our first kiss because it was perfect but honestly it was probably the vows!  I had asked the Pastor if we could include some additional vows.  During the ceremony, the Pastor told us we could recite the vows to one another.  I thought we would just be repeating them so I didn’t memorize them and I knew James didn’t know them.  I looked at James and without thinking said, “We’ll pass!”  It was a funny moment that made everyone laugh and is very indicative of our life.  When things don’t go as planned, we just try to laugh!!

How did you choose your venue? What elements drew you to Prospect Hill?
I bought a bunch of Charleston magazines and looked on a lot of websites to find some plantations in the Lowcountry.  I found a listing in the back of one magazine with different plantations and saw pictures of Prospect Hill and knew I had to go see it.  James and I made an appointment to visit.  We got in the car and knew we had found the perfect place for our wedding!  There was this beautiful white plantation home, rows of palm trees for a beachy feel, a pecan grove, a pond, and a gorgeous oak tree with a beautiful view of the water.  Exactly what we both wanted!

Your wedding was filled with gorgeous details.  Did any have special meaning? What was your favorite?
There were several details that were very special to me.  I only have one grandparent still living, my Nana (my paternal grandmother), but she was unable to come to the wedding because it was out of town.  She always wears brooches on her sweaters or dresses.  I needed something borrowed so I asked if I could borrow some of her brooches and wear them for the wedding.  I found a pink brooch that I attached to my bouquet, and  a teal brooch that I wore on my reception dress.  The necklace I wore was my maternal grandmother’s that my granddaddy had given her.  My mom gave it to me years ago and I told her I was going to wear it on my wedding day.  The necklace was a flower which fit really well into the wedding because the wedding was outdoors and my dress actually had some flowers on the sash.  I also really liked my cake topper.  I like being a little artsy and I decided to make the cake topper myself.  I painted the people and sewed the dress, suit, and bouquet.  I also included our three cats because James really wanted them to be a part of our wedding.  I love the way it turned out!  It was very us!!

Why did you choose to have A Lowcountry Wedding?
 I love the South and I knew I wanted a very southern wedding with oak trees and moss hanging down, something more laid back, easygoing.  James wanted a beach wedding, but I didn’t want to do the whole sand and wind thing!  So I thought a plantation wedding or something on the coast would be a perfect compromise.

Tell us a little bit about your menu.  Did you add any Lowcountry elements?

Looking back on your engagement and wedding, is there any advice you would give to brides in the planning process?
Definitely give yourself enough time to plan everything but not so much time that it drags on and on.  If you have certain ideas and visions for your wedding, do lots of research and don’t give up!  The internet will become your best friend!!!

caterer: good food catering  /  venue: prospect hill plantation

The food was catered by Good Food Catering and it was phenomenal!!!  I wanted all Southern food so we had crab cakes, barbecue, sweet potato fries, ham biscuits and shrimp and grits to name a few.  I wish I could have just stuffed my face the whole night!  It was the best wedding food I've ever had!!!! We also had a signature cocktail which was a merry mojito.  James' favorite drink is a mojito and I asked to add berries to it so it could be pink like our wedding colors  

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