Friday, August 12, 2011

Three Tips to a Fabulous Engagement Session

Hiya! My name is Ariana Watts and I’m a Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer in Burlington, NC.
I love engagement sessions. They’re my favorite types of sessions. It’s your announcement to the world that you found your perfect match and you are indescribably happy! But I speak, not as a photographer, but from personal experience – they can be slightly nerve-wracking. What do I wear? Where do we go? Should I bring props? How long will it take? Heels or flats? Makeup or no makeup? Fiance or no fiancé?!!!
Okay well hopefully you can answer some, if not most, of those questions (yes, bring your fiancé, silly!) But in case you can’t, I thought I’d share a couple of tips to make your session as fabulous as you are.
1.       Choose A Special Location
Couple always ask me – where should we meet? Any suggestions? Of course, we HAVE suggestions. We know the prettiest parks and locations in a 60 mile radius, and beyond. But how much more sentimental and sweet is it to get an engagement shot on the steps of the coffee shop where you met? Or the playground you both grew up on (where he used to pull your pigtails!) Or how about that college campus where you had your first kiss? Every time you look at your photographs, you won’t just be seeing a photo of the two of you, you’ll be seeing the story of your relationship.

2.       Pamper Yourself
The last thing you want to worry about is your makeup, nails, and hair. I mean you’re gorgeous – I know it, and HE definitely knows it. And it’s your ENGAGEMENT session, with your husband to be. You should be focused on him – his hair, his cute dimple, his laugh. Not YOUR hair silly girl. So go get pampered. Get your hair, makeup and nails done (they’ll be taking photos of that ring, you know). The best part? You will feel AH-MAZING. You’ll walk like you look amazing. You’ll smile endlessly. All because you’ll know you look beautiful, which you are. Duh.

**Side Note – Of course, we’ve all spent YEARS perfecting our makeup applying and curling iron techniques. So if you can do it – by all means do it. This is just my suggestion so it’s a totally stress free session for you!

3.       Show Us Your Love
Yes, we know you love each other, and as photographers, we loooOOoove to see it. The sideways glances, the tickling, the ear nibbles. Those are the things that make you guys unique. Only you laugh like that when he kisses you on your cheek. And he’s the only guy in the world who giggles endlessly when you tickle him. Its what makes you two… YOU! Be yourselves and give us the chance to document it.

Engagement sessions are fun. Relax. Enjoy them. Be in love. Be you. It’s an amazingly awesome part of your life and you need to make sure EVERY. ONE. KNOWS. IT. For reals. And if these tips make it a little easier, well I’m a happy photographer! Happy loving!


  1. Great tips! Especially to relax and have fun - those are always the best e-shoots!

  2. Such a cute post and the tips are great, I'm taking notes for the future :)