Monday, August 8, 2011

Bridals: Shannon

 Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!  Even though, I'm pretty excited about the idea of 
cooler weather (and football season), I can't believe the  summer is wrapping up.

One thing I love just love about Southern Weddings, and the South in general, is the vintage feel.  You know that a Southern bride is going to look classically beautiful.  She's not going to overdue it with too many accessories or crazy hair and make up.  It's more about her personal style then the current trends and fads.  She has a timeless appeal in every aspect of her wedding day, from her flower selection to the choice of music and the end result is always a stunning affair.   

That's what I love about Shannon's Orchard House Bridal Shoot from our friends at Connections Photography.  I'm pretty sure I was gasping as scrolled through every image.  
Her hair - perfect.  Earrings - love 'em.  Setting - Nailed it.  Go ahead...get your swoon on!

The last image is my favorite :)



  1. Great photos. I love the first one with the misty fineness and her crystal clear face! Perfection!

  2. Gorgeous gown & flowers!!!