Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Candlelight {Wedding Details}

{A bride sent us an email just the other day asking how to add some drama to her evening wedding.  She is hoping to pull of a romantic, intimate setting but would prefer not to use flowers.  Well, we immediately thought lighting and what better type to set the mood then candlelight...

I just ran across this image by Christian Oth today.  The word stunning doesn't even do it justice.  I love how these candles illuminate her path.  It looks like she's floating.

 Image via A Bryan Photo designed by Calder Clark

First thing's first, make sure candles are permitted at your venue.  Some of the historic venues in Charleston have very strict decor policies.  While most allow candles, many do not allow open flame, so they will need to be contained in either a votive or hurricane so nothing catches on fire!

 Image via Kristyn Hogan

Make sure you check your candles burn time.  The last thing you want is for the "lights to go out" on your reception before the party is really over.   Additionally, use unscented candles so the scent doesn't compete with any food or flowers and don't bother the guests' allergies.

 Image via David Edwards

 Image via Mark Wallis

Suspended candles, in lanterns or votives, can truly highlight your local lowcountry setting. 
Candles with varying heights and sizes makes them more interesting but stick to one color (preferably white) to achieve that classic ambiance.

Image via Tec Petaja designed by Joy Thigpen

Don't you just love this one?

Interested in incorporating candlelight into your wedding? 
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  1. Wow these are beautiful photos :D
    How stunning is that first one! Like a fairytale :D

  2. I love playing with lighting. I absolutely love the effect. I also love that since I'm getting married in cold, rainy late November I can use light to its fullest potential. I love love love the first image. So gorgeous, and I actually made our fabric strip alter and designed our whole ceremony around that last picture.