Friday, May 27, 2011

Billy Balls

I may have gone a little overboard but I just couldn't stop "researching" these little guys. 
I'm hoping that my habit of excessively collecting pics will show you a variety of different ways to incorporate billy balls into your wedding. 

Sidenote: They're actually called Craspedia but that sounds like some kind of creepy insect and billy ball is way more fun to say.  Available late Spring to early Fall, these happy little yellow flowers will add a texture and spunk to any arrangement, bouquet or bout. 

Hope everyone has a relaxing holiday weekend!

Image via Birch Blooms

 Image via Landlocked Bride

Images via Pintrest

 Image via Honey and Poppies

 Images via The Popes

Image via Which Goose

 Images via Landlocked Bride

 Image via The Goodness

 Image via Hostess

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