Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rustic Winter Wedding Inspiration

Well, my holiday vacation officially started last night...which meant I had to sleep in this morning :)  So, sorry for the delayed post!  But, since we're in the Christmas 'home stretch', I just had to share this rustic winter wedding shoot from the talented twosome of McGowan Images and MegB Designs.  I know it's been unseasonable warm in our neck of the woods, but these images may just help put you in the holiday spirit!

From the designer, Meagan Bechtel of MegB Designs:

"My idea for this shoot was really simple – I wanted to convey a beautiful winter wedding scene, without being overtly Christmas or using any holiday cliches. I tried to stick with a few basics – neutral colored china and linens, antiqued silver and mercury glass, various sizes of pinecones, and just a few touches of bright red. We were so lucky to be granted the use of a local Christmas tree farm, which was the perfect backdrop for this scene. When I’m designing, it’s helpful for me to think of what I what I already own, what I can probably borrow, and what I might be able to source cheap, or second-hand. That’s pretty much the basis for my philosophy: beg, borrow, or thrift. I guess my point is, you don’t need a lot of money to set up a fabulous-looking event, or table-scape. We did two table settings, a desert station, and styled a bride and groom, and did it for cheap - my final total for this shoot was less than a hundred bucks: $20 for the whoopie pies ingredients, $20 for the florals/materials, $15 for 5 yards of cotton muslin to recover the chairs cushions/cloth napkins, $10 for a few well-priced Goodwill finds, and about $20 for the candles, peppermints, cranberries, and rock salt. As I did on my own wedding day, I trusted McGowan Images to capture this shoot the way I imagined it. We talked about wanting it to feel wintery, but at the same time, warm and sun-drenched. That's the kind of Christmas you get in Central Texas. I think the images turned out even better than we were hoping for, and I hope they help inspire a cash-strapped bride to think outside the box for winter wedding design."


Don't you just love the bride and groom's accessories? That red jacket and scarf are just perfect.

Merry Christmas, yall!


  1. I'm OBSESSED with this shoot - Love it! The table is beautiful, and I love how the bride and groom are styled in their red and plaid outerwear :) So cute!

  2. This one is so cute, Erin - and I hope you have a wonderful vacation! Good for you, sleeping in!

  3. These decorations are so charming - and so simple to recreate! I love seeing the bride and groom in winter accessories!

  4. This is so fabulous! Beautiful styling! I cannot believe that Christmas has already come and gone. :(

  5. This is absolutely fabulous! I love every element, from the Farmall to the grey scarf. Wonderful design and imagery.