Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kaci {Myrtle Beach Bridals}

A good bridal session should be standard for any pretty little Southern Belle...and Mrs. Kaci's
shoot is a prime example. Planning an afternoon to get all dolled up in your wedding day attire is key.  Not only will it allow you a solid run through to make sure everything looks good and time to make any adjustments, it will also provide you with some stress-free time with your photographer to create some seriously frame-able images you might not have time for day of. 

Photographer Gillian Reinhardt of Carolina Studios spent a beautiful Lowcountry afternoon capturing this stunning bride in all her glory :)  Check back later this afternoon for Kaci and
her studly husband Nigel's engagement photos.

P.S. My favorite of all these beauties is the one directly below and to the right...the close up. Gorgeous!



  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Thanks as always for a fun and FABULOUS post!!

  2. So many beautiful ones. I too like the first one on the right, but I also like the one where she's wearing the champagne sash...very pretty!