Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bottles 'n Brushes

Looking for a fun, unique location for a bridal luncheon or shower?

With two locations in Summerville and Mount Pleasant, Bottles 'n Brushes will be a relaxing experience for you and your crew. 

To hold a private party, there is a minimum requirement of 20 guests and $150.00 deposit.  The cost is $35.00 per person for a two-hour session or $45.00 for three hours.  All guests are supplied with their own canvas, acrylic paint and apron. And my favorite part...Bottles 'n Brushes allows parties to bring in their choice of beverages and snacks :)

Sunset Seagrass

Shem Creek

A little intimidated by some of the paintings?  No worries, I was too, but all of the selections are designed for those with no painting experience.  You have the option of selecting your painting of choice.  My suggestion, make sure it's something oh-so "Charleston" so your guests will always remember the lowcountry while it hangs on their wall.

SC Palm

By the end of the session, you and your party will leave with a dry painting (acrylic dries fast!) and a memorable experience.

All images from Bottles 'n Brushes' Facebook Page

                424 Broadway                                                                  120 North Main Street
                Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464                                                Summerville, SC 29483
                843.388.7857                                                                   843.419.6077

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